Montepulciano is a unique medieval village with a breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside all covered with fabulous vineyards that produce the famous Nobile wine!

It is enclosed by the ancient walls and reached its maximum splendor under the dominion of the powerful Medici family, during the 16th century.

A walk through the streets of Montepulciano is the best way to discover the town and its attractions: La Colonna del Marzocco, Palazzo Avignonesi; Sant’Agostino Church, Poliziano´s House, Il Duomo and Piazza Grande. This is the heart of Montepulciano and the stage for the town’s main events, including Il Bravio delle Botti, held every year in August.

Do not forget to visit the Sanctuary of San Biagio. This imposing travertine church, which stands isolated in the middle of the Tuscan countryside, is one of the best examples of Renaissance art.

Coordinate GPS: Latitudine: 43.091078; Longitudine: 11.780038