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Podere Osteria is a farmhouse. It is different from a hotel, it is different from a B&B and it is not a residence. The “agriturismo” in Tuscany is a way to welcome guests to their working farm and it is always located in the countryside.

Podere Osteria became farmhouse in 2000.

Before, it was our family home, for four generations, ever since great-grandfather bought it.

The “Podere”, going back in time, was almost certainly a refreshment point on the Via Francigena.

Here the pilgrims stopped to eat. They received treatments and assistance in the hospital opposite the house: today this is Spedaletto Castle, where you can visit the small church.

The Structure:

The house covers 130 square metres. The ancient external walls are made of local stone contrasting with the charme of the interior: there the modern and the practical furniture sets side by side with antique and family heirlooms. Outside there is a large flowery garden with sunny and shady areas. There is even an arbor and under it a travertine table to eat in the open air. There is a barbecue to roast meat, a sofa and the armchairs. Under the shade of an old tree, there is a stone bench. The swimming pool is nestled at the end of the garden. It is 6×12 square metres, it has a big solarium well equipped with umbrellas, sun beds and loungers.

The Room

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The Farmhouse

The farmhouse couldn’t exist if there wasn’t a real farm nearby.

Our lands that surround the house, have been organic for a long time.

We believe in the organic ways and in natural, healthy things. We cultivate our lands with passion paying attention not to use chemical products because we know that people eat the grain, spelt and checkpeas grown in our fields.

For some years now we have cultivated officinal plants for herbal infusions as well. During the Summer it is very easy to see the orange flowers of Calendula, the blue of Cornflowers and the green of Mint or Thyme outside the windows.

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What to do

The Orcia Valley means kilometres of rolling hills. Nestling in the hills, we find old farmhouses and ancient hamlets. Watching over the valley, is Mount Amiata (1738 metres above sea level), at its feet the Orcia river slowly meanders through the valley.

The fields, cultivated by the farmers are like a colorful chessboard which changes during the year, from green to yellow and red in the Autumn.

We are in the open countryside but in a very convenient position as well. In a short time, you can choose to go either to the small thermal villages or to visit the nearby Medieval and Renaissance villages. In each village there are museums with works of art and masterpieces to admire. If you are “natureholic” you can go walking in the countryside or you can look for white truffles in the San Giovanni d’Asso area. Around us there are three famous kind of red wine: Brunello di Montalcino, Nobile di Montepulciano, Orcia DOC. It is an amazing experience to visit cellars, tasting wines and walking in the vineyards.

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Mobile:  +39 340 504 3914 Vanessa

Mobile: +39 338 2988959 Antonella

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